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Interactive Technology Boosts Your Brand, Engagement and Memorability In Face-to-Face Marketing Environments

Touchscreen Interactive Development

Interactive technology is not just for the Internet. Interactive walls, stations and devices are powerful marketing tools in the real world, too.

Interactive, stand-alone digital experiences improve live, face-to-face engagement with your guests at trade shows, facilities, and events, because they:

  • Captivate and impress your target audience better than static graphics and images.
  • Better position your company as a modern technology brand.
  • Better educate visitors about complex products and ideas.
  • More memorably and quickly communicate your product advantages.
  • Cause deeper and longer conversations with visitors, which helps to build personal connection and to close more sales deals.

TriSource Environments can design, produce, program, house, and install bespoke interactives for you, making the most of your conversations with key audiences.


Touch Screen Kiosks Improve Conversations, Capture Leads, Save On Shipping + Drayage

Give your exhibit staff a huge advantage and boost your trade show and event results with an interactive touch screen app and kiosks from Holt Marketing Environments:

  • Exhibit staff have instant access to a huge variety of product videos, image galleries, product brochure and spec sheet pdfs, all at their fingertips, for better-guided discussions with exhibit visitors.
  • Increase measurement of visitor product interest to trade show leads with backend analytics listing exactly which visitors requested specific product brochures.
  • Save money on shipping and drayage by not having to bring so much large physical product – very useful for equipment manufacturers.
  • Save money and avoid the inconvenience of printing, shipping, and managing dozens of different paper product brochures – often helpful for large companies with multiple product lines.
  • Get turnkey production by the same company designing and building your trade show exhibit, for ease of communication and a seamless, integrated design.
  • Reuse your interactive trade show app to engage with attendees at your own customer events and within your facilities between trade shows.
Interactive Trade Show Exhibit


Make an exciting, lasting impression on visitors to your organization with interactive technology. Our interactive applications, coupled with our custom-designed woodwork cabinetry, have helped corporations energetically engage buyers, partners, and employees, and have helped museums spark and hold the curiosity of thousands of children and adults. Let us bring the power of interactives to energize the people within your facility.

Interactive Touch Screens – Single and Multi-Screen Installations

Interactive Touch Screens – Single and Multi-Screen Installations
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