TriSource delivers moving experiences to the key audiences that matter most to you, drawing them tighter to your brand.

We recognize that you need to leave your office to engage with your customers. Holt Environments makes that experience impactful and helps to deliver return on your investment. From special events to grand openings to shareholder meetings to mobile showrooms and museum-like mobile training labs, we can help you to dream big and to execute a strategic design and plan that makes you look good wherever your efforts lead you.

  • Interior design and 3D rendering
  • Space planning and workplace furniture
  • Digital applications and touch devices
  • Signage and wayfinding
  • Fabrication and installation

Industries & Markets Served

Corporate Interiors

Our renowned interior design and 3D rendering services allow executives to envision and execute plans for stunning branded environments that empower employees to innovate, lead, and succeed. From bolstering sales and marketing campaigns to nurturing an enviable workplace culture, Holt Environments sets the stage to spotlight your brand, its messaging, and goals.

Museums & Cultural

Educational destinations such as museums and visitor centers offer people unique opportunities to connect with the culture and history of a community. Our expert space planning and wayfinding strategies create cohesive experiences from start to finish for visitors.


Patients expect healthcare providers to promote wellbeing while maintaining confidentiality. Holt Environments fabricates high-tech branded environments that reflect the patient-centric atmosphere people want from their doctors, nurses, and practitioners.


School spirit is one of the most important parts of a college education. From signage to apps, Holt Environments builds academic branded experiential spaces that attract top applicants, encourage generous donations, and support the athletic programs.

Retail Environments

Transform shopping into a delight rather than a chore with thoughtful, engaging, and welcoming branded environments that surpass the competition. By incorporating touch technology, high-end signage, custom-built fixtures, and more into retail spaces, Holt Environments works with clients to build a more attractive shopping experience for every customer.

Events & Mobile Marketing

The success of any event hinges on the use of wayfinding signage and mobile marketing integration. Design an impactful experience for event attendees with the design and fabrication services provided by Holt Environments.

TriSource Environments is a partner of Holt Environments.

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